ExpoFerretera: Strategic partner

Brief presentation

Since the celebration of the agreement in 2003, the Argentine Chamber of Hardware Stores and Related Products (CAFARA) and Messe Frankfurt Argentina have worked together to position ExpoFerretera in the international events calendar. Currently, it is the business center of the hardware sector for South America.


CAFARA - Cámara de Ferreterías y Afines de la República Argentina

was founded on September 3, 1905 setting this date as the "Hardware Shopkeeper Day". It gathers the sector of hardware shops and companies of the country which are related to the activity and it is currently one of the more traditional and experienced institutions in third grade organizations.

Its aim is to defend and develop the retail commerce. For this, it will generate actions that will favor the development of the sector, through the trade union action, the defense of opencast shopping centers, of neighborhood and regional economies, the neighborhood identity and the social business responsibility. Besides, it fosters the training, the technological development and the promotion of the national industry.

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