ExpoFerretera: Information for exhibitors
August 28 - 31, 2019 Costa Salguero Center, Buenos Aires Register

Information for exhibitors

To get optimum results when you exhibit, it is not enough to choose a good quality exhibition and hire a booth. There are many other variables that are essential to maximize your presence. For this reason, we are pleased to give you the necessary help in the organization phase, during and after the event to guide you to an excellent performance of your investment. Here you will find detailed information about all our services. Take advantage of our wide offer!

Exhibition’s calendar

Exhibition’s calendar

Know the days and hours of assembling, exhibition and disassembling to plan your participation.


Schedule for constructors

Sunday 25 of August

16 to 20 hs.

Monday 26 of August

8 to 20 hs.

Tuesday 27 of August

8 to 24 hs.

Wednesday 28 of August 24 to 10 hs.

0 a 10 hs.

Schedule for exhibitors Schedule for visitors

Wednesday 28 of August

11.00 to 20 hs.

13.00 to 20 hs.

Thursday 29 of August

11.00 to 20 hs.

13.00 to 20 hs.

Friday 30 of August

11.00 to 20 hs.

13.00 to 20 hs.

Saturday 31 of August

8.00 to 19 hs.

10.00 to 19 hs.

Schedule for constructors 

Saturday 31 of August

19:30 a 24.00 hs.

Sunday 1 of September

00.00 a 8.00 hs.

General regulations

Learn about the event’s regulations (dispositions, admission, hiring booths, payment methods, safety regulations, badges, etc.) by downloading and reading the following useful files: 

Request other services

Now that you are an exhibitor at ExpoFerretera, do you know what else you will need for your booth? For an extra cost, hire: 

  • Additional equipment for your booth
  • Bilingual hostesses
  • Optic pencil service

Forms of participation

Have a look at the different forms in which you can be part of ExpoFerretera.

Raw Space Booth

Raw Space Booth
The image shown is for illustrative purposes only.


  • Exhibitor’s Manual
  • Accreditations for exhibitors
  • Invitations for visitors
  • Appearance in the Official Catalogue and the event’s web page
  • General security
  • General cleaning of common areas
  • Recommendations on freight & transport agents
  • Advice on trips & accommodation

Equipped Booth

Equipped Booth
The image shown is for illustrative purposes only


  • Everything listed for Raw Space Booth
  • 1 Desk
  • 1 Storage module
  • 1 Current outlet – local power supply 220V
  • 3 Chairs
  • Carpet
  • Dividing walls
  • Spots with halogen lamp: one per 3sqm
  • Electric board per group of booths, with thermal switches and circuit breaker.
  • Identification signboard

Hire your booth now

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